4 Popular Betting Exchange Strategies

The benefit of using betting exchange systems is that bettors can freely choose any laying price as opposed to using the traditional bookies. Betting to an exchange also Protects bettors as the price is always kept fixed and odds are established using weighted Scopay rewards and involves laying bets.

Laying exchange can be defined as the practice of making a bet on a specific outcome of a match or race.

Betting Exchange Strategies

  1. When using such betting system, you basically pay the over-round i.e. the amount owed by the bookmaker. Some people may feel that lay bettors have an advantage over back bettors, however, they do not because with lay bet the risk of losing is greatly reduced.
  2. In lay, the opportunity to lay an outcome on betting exchange is greater than taking place on the traditional bookies. Not only this, but lay bettors have an advantage that traditional bookies do not have. The intention of betting for anything and everything at betting exchange is to make a low loss. When used properly, bettors can make some income and they are able to reduce their betting risk.
  3. Laying can be executed in two ways. Many bettors find it easier to operate with lay bettors since they have to incur less money from their betting exchange activities. Laying can be carried out either on betting exchanges or in the conventional way.

Betting exchanges are a new trend in betting that allows customers to bet against a sports team or any other possible outcome associated with the match. How seriously gamblers take advantage of betting exchanges is another matter entirely. Bettors who take part in betting exchanges are expected to open an account with as much information about the likely event that they are wagering on. This information is very vital in strike rates, showing the possibility of the outcome to a certain level. Many bettors use betting exchanges because they decrease the odds that betting on conventional bookies provide.

When betting opportunities arise between two opposing teams, bettors can back both the negative and positive teams, or bet for a draw. Since odds between betting exchange are always equal to those offered by the conventional bookies, bettors can’t do better than betting on the winning team. It means that winning a bet is easier in betting exchange, than in a normal bookie.

Betting exchange also present special betting opportunities for many punters, like-for instance-you can bet on the team that will win the gameBetting exchange also present special betting opportunities for many punters, like-for instance-you can bet on the team that will win the game


  • This is a great proposition since betting for the team to win makes the interested bettor also guaranteed to win his bet. One can also bet on the score spread. This means that bettor can bet on the team that offers a spread that will allow him to take home a profit regardless of the team’s win percentage. In addition, most betting exchanges will be offering the bettor with a strike rate option. This means that the back bettor can bet on the team that offers a strike rate of 60%, 70% or 80%.
  • Finding the bestfootball betting exchangeon football betting exchangecan be a bit tricky at the beginning but becomes simpler with each subsequent round of betting in the exchange. First, you should look at the number of events available in the betting exchange. You don’t usually need to bet in a game of eight matches when you just wish to bet on two teams. Also, if you are betting to win the championship, you should prefer to place your bet on the team that is likely to win it.

cultivate a good betting strategy by keeping in mind the information mentioned above and you are likely to be a successful bettor.